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Essex has the biggest county coastline in the UK; stretching to an impressive 350 miles. It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.


Essex has the 2nd highest rate of homelessness in the UK. With a 276 per cent increase of rough sleepers over the last 7 years; with Southend being the worst in the country.


Working with local homeless charities, Essex based artists and volunteers within each seaside village, I plan to organise an Emergency Beach Clean Up. The materials found will be repurposed into useful items such as clothing, rugs, furniture for people who are homeless or in emergency housing.


An artist starts at Manningtree and meets a new artist at each section, exchanging materials & stories until they end in Thurrock.

Artists will stay at local run B&Bs each night.

At the end of each day, we document how much has been collected/the two artists/any tips to previous artist has.

All materials collected will be put together and distributed depending on which homeless charity would benefit from what is collected.




This project will:

  • Educate communities about the power of giving new life to tired materials from workshops, exhibitions and screenings

  • Provide safe, useful and worthwhile items to people who are homeless at no extra cost and no damage to our environment

  • Engage with the whole of the county, asking for volunteers with a passion for protecting our environment, to help pick up waste from our beaches

  • Change the Essex stereotypes by highlighting the hardworking people of this county

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